Creativity - Business session - Brainstorm with post it notes with audience

Creativity – Helping you think Gooooooooglie

Working with a client doing a creativity digital marketing strategy session.  Got very efficient results within a 2-hour session. Being creative, provides results.

Feedback mentioned below: 
“A month ago, we would have never thought of any ideas we have come up with in today’s session”

We went over a brain storm session and then put it in a Gantt chart format with clear actions for each user.  

So  results from our session, was creativity, Innovation, Strategy, Timeline and New results. All within 2 hours!


How to be more creative in your sessions and workplace?

It is difficult when you have no time and constant work pressures to be creative. So what is the solution, Book a meeting/brain storm strategy session with me and we can create an effective plan for your business goals. 

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