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Course Content

Excel Training Modules

Module 1: Navigation of the Excel Interface

  • Starting Excel
  • Excel Tab Interface
  • Main Components of the Workbook Screen
  • Understanding the Backstage View
  • Accessing the Backstage View
  • Understanding and Launching Dialog Boxes
  • Customising the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
  • Understanding the Status Bar

Module 2: Use of Lists and Tables

  • Understanding and Creating Lists
  • Applying Filters and Sorting Data
  • Creating and Modifying Tables
  • Removing Duplicates
  • Converting Tables to Ranges

Module 3: Conditional Formatting

  • Understanding Conditional Formatting
  • Highlighting Cells Based on Values, Text, and Duplicates
  • Using Top and Bottom Rules, Data Bars, Colour Scales, and Icon Sets
  • Creating Custom Rules
  • Managing and Clearing Rules

Module 4: Using Formulas and Creating Pivot Tables

  • Using Sparklines
  • Mastering Formulas and Functions
  • Working with Names and Ranges
  • Using Logical Functions and What If Formulas
  • Creating and Customising PivotTables and Pivot Charts
  • Using VLOOKUP
  • Efficiency Tips: Zoom, Undo, Redo, and Repeat with Keystrokes

Module 5: Introduction to VBA

  • Understanding VBA and Excel Macros
  • Accessing and Navigating the VBA Editor


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