Quick Read - Google AI Overview

 Today, we’re zooming in on two key elements that steer the ship of online engagement: creatives and user-generated content (UGC). Join us as we explore their impact on the ever-evolving landscape of social media, UK style.

  • Embrace Broad Match – 🔍

    • Summary: Adopt broad match keywords to identify potential customers based on search behavior and intent. Test in small batches and refine negative lists.
  • Adopt Value-Based Bidding 📈

    • Summary: Implement value-based bidding strategies to attract more engaged users ready to perform intended actions.
  • Take a Triangulated Measurement Approach 📊

    • Summary: Use multiple sources for performance measurement. Combine data-driven attribution, in-platform tests, and cross-channel measurement.
  • Leverage Performance Max and Demand Gen Campaigns 🎯

    • Summary: Expand beyond text ads to multiple platforms. Use Performance Max and Demand Gen campaigns for better automation and customer matching.
  • Push for Transparency 👁️

    • Summary: Advocate for deeper reporting levels. Request full access to query reports and campaign insights to ensure effective ad placement.



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