2023 Black Friday period - £ 4 Million spend

Akhra, our performance director overseeing a significant PPC campaign for a global electronics client with a planned spend of £4 million in Q4 2023 for the EMEA region. Your mention of the need for experienced professionals to run the campaign highlights several key reasons why expertise is crucial in the realm of PPC:

    1. Maximising Value for Budget:
        • Experienced professionals can optimize your PPC campaigns to ensure that every pound of your budget is spent effectively. They understand how to allocate resources across different channels, keywords, and audiences to maximize ROI
    1. Campaign Creativity and Strategy:
        • Seasoned professionals can develop creative and strategic campaigns that go beyond standard best practices. They have the expertise to tailor campaigns to specific business goals, target audiences, and industry nuances.
    1. Advanced Campaign Settings:
        • Professionals can navigate beyond the basics and utilize advanced settings to fine-tune campaigns. Your mention of using automated bidding with ROAS targets and Max CPC limits reflects an understanding of how to leverage sophisticated features for better performance.
    1. Understanding Google Best Practices and Beyond:
        • While Google best practices provide a foundation, experienced professionals can go beyond these recommendations. They understand when and how to deviate from standard practices to meet unique campaign objectives, industry dynamics, or client requirements.
    1. Automated Bidding Strategies:
        • Utilizing automated bidding effectively requires a deep understanding of the algorithms and a strategic approach. Professionals can set up and manage automated bidding, such as Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), to meet specific performance goals while controlling costs.
    1. Negative Optimisations:
        • Knowing how to effectively use negative keywords and other negative optimizations is crucial. This helps in refining targeting, avoiding irrelevant clicks, and improving overall campaign efficiency.

    1. Top-of-Page Bid and Extension Strategy:
        • Professionals can implement a sophisticated bidding strategy, such as bidding for top-of-page placement, to increase visibility. They also understand the importance of well-crafted ad extensions to enhance ad prominence and engagement.

In summary, having experienced professionals manage your PPC campaigns is essential for maximising the impact of your budget, creating strategic and customised campaigns, and navigating the complexities of advanced features and settings. Their expertise ensures that your advertising efforts align with your business objectives and deliver a strong return on investment.

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