Enhancing Query Matching and Brand Control

Google Ads has rolled out significant updates to its search query matching system, providing advertisers with enhanced AI-powered performance, greater brand control, and improved visibility into search queries. These updates are designed to help advertisers optimize their campaigns more effectively while maintaining better control over their brand-related traffic.


Key Updates

  1. Brand Inclusions in Broad Match:
    • Google Ads now offers new recommendations for including brand terms in broad match. This feature enables advertisers to capture a wider audience while still maintaining a focus on relevant brand-related searches. It’s an excellent way to ensure that your brand remains visible to potential customers who might use variations or broader terms related to your brand.
  2. Brand Exclusions Across All Match Types and Dynamic Search Ads:
    • One of the most significant changes is the ability to exclude brand terms across all match types and Dynamic Search Ads. This gives advertisers more control over when and how their ads appear concerning specific brand-related queries. By utilizing this feature, you can prevent your ads from showing up in contexts that might not align with your brand strategy.
  3. Improved Search Term Reports:
    • Google Ads has enhanced its search term reports to include misspelled queries alongside the correctly spelled ones. This improvement means that approximately 9% of search terms previously categorized under “Other” due to misspellings are now visible. This increased visibility allows for better analysis and optimization of search terms, ensuring that no valuable data is overlooked.
  4. Easier Blocking of Misspelled Searches:
    • Managing negative keywords has become more straightforward with the new update. When a word is added as a negative term, all misspellings of that word are automatically included in the exclusion. This reduces the manual effort required to block irrelevant traffic and ensures a cleaner, more targeted ad campaign.

Why These Updates Matter

These updates are crucial for advertisers looking to refine their ad strategies and improve campaign performance. Enhanced visibility into search queries, including misspellings, allows for more precise targeting and the exclusion of irrelevant traffic. The ability to control brand-related search terms more effectively ensures that ads are shown in the most relevant contexts, leading to better performance and efficiency.

Practical Implications for Advertisers

  • Enhanced Targeting: With better recommendations for broad match inclusions and detailed search term reports, advertisers can fine-tune their targeting strategies to reach a more relevant audience.
  • Efficient Management: The ability to exclude brand terms across all match types and automatically block misspelled searches simplifies campaign management, saving time and effort.
  • Improved Performance: More precise control and visibility lead to higher ad relevance and improved performance metrics, making every advertising dollar more effective.


The latest updates to Google Ads’ search query matching and brand controls are a significant advancement for advertisers. By leveraging these new features, you can expect to achieve improved targeting accuracy, reduced manual effort in managing search terms, and overall better ad performance.

For more detailed information on these updates, visit the Google Ads Help Center.

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